Pictures and Fun Stuff

Congratulations to Stephanie on winning Honorable Mention for her oral presentation in the 2018 UMN Graduate Student Research Symposium!
steph wins honors
Congratulations to Kaelyn and Conrad on acceptance of their paper into Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry!
conrad paper
conrad paper cake
Congratulations to Shabnam on receiving the prestigious UMN Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship!
shabnam award
Drew Becomes a Candidate!
drew treat
Professor Carlson has been named Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor of 2017 by the UMN Postdoctoral Association!
erin postdoc award
Congratulations to Andy on defending his thesis!
andy writing
andy eating
andy treat
Congratulations to Shabnam on acceptance of her paper in ACS Chemical Biology!
shabnam paper
Congratulations to Mani on acceptance of her paper in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry!
mani paper
mani treat
Congratulations to Stephanie on passing her candidacy exam!
steph candidate
Congratulations to Joe on passing his candidacy exam!
joe candidate
joe candidate food
Congratulations to Adeline on passing her candidacy exam!
adeline candidate
adeline candidate food
Congratulations to Stephanie for being named an NIH Chemical Biology Interface Training Grant Fellow!
steph nih fellow