The Carlson research group is highly multidisciplinary and members gain expertise in many areas including organic synthesis, mass spectrometry, probe and inhibitor design, chemical proteomics, metabolomics, microbiology, biochemistry, imaging and molecular and cellular biology.

Recent News

6/2023: Congratulaions Hannah L. on acceptance of her paper entitled, “Activity-Based Probes in Pathogenic Bacteria: Investigating Drug Targets and Molecule Specificity” into Current Opinion in Chemical Biology!

4/2023: Congratulations Adeline, Mani and Kris on acceptance of their paper entitled, “Targeting multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus infection with bacterial histidine kinase inhibitors" into to Chemical Science!

3/2023: Congratulations Dani Rodriguez on being named a recipient of the NSF GRFP!

Recent Publication

Targeting multidrug resistant Staphylococcus infections with bacterial histidine kinase inhibitors

Espinasse, A.,  Goswami, M., Yang, J., Vorasin, O., Ji, Y.* and Carlson, E. E.* Chem Sci, 2023, 14, 5028-5037.


Research Directions

Carlson Lab Mission Statement

We believe that collaboration among people of all cultures, experiences, and backgrounds enhances science and contributes to excellence in teaching, learning, and research. We strive to promote a climate that celebrates our differences, dismantle racist and other discriminatory practices, and promote an environment where all have the opportunity to thrive. 

Learn more about the efforts of our department and Professor Carlson in a recent eNews article and on the committee website to promote a welcoming and safe environment to learn and perform research. 

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